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Nov 2, 2013 5:00am PDT
to and even then at the very last minute. under romney-care in massachusetts, in many ways, this was the template of the affordable care act. this is where things stood after one month, 123 people have seened up. granted, it is one state, there are 34 states using the federal obama care website. that's about one-third of 1%. after otwo months in massachusetts, just 2,300 people have enrolled. it was only after 11 months under the threat of a penalty about to be imposed that more than 36,000 people in massachusetts would go on to enroll. most of them didn't enroll until that 11-month mark. so obama care can work. it won't kick in until the end of next march, five months from now. getting it to work depends on getting the problems ironed out and getting americans of all ages signed up. the obama administration needs to straighten out the political mess it's created. it's not just one future cabinet secretary at stake. this is the fate of the democratic party and beyond it is tied to whether obama care succeeds. the short term, that means getting the website fixed. in the long
Nov 16, 2013 5:00am PST
in america. >> massachusetts. >> encorrect. this state will become the 16th in america to legalize same-sex marriage. you have already rung in i can't allow. that i'm sorry, there are rules here time, calm time. illinois will almost the 16th state according to reports this week, charlie krchrist my face fight -- robert. >> bill nelson. >> may face a primary challenge. 200 point question signing a bill that encourages epi pen availability in schools, president obama revealed. >> daughter has allergy. >> more correct. >> malia is allergy ec to peanuts. >> next question after the final taped episode aired the week, the a & e new yorker refused to confirm or don't reports it has cancelled reports about this louisiana governor an convicted felon. >> edward edwards. >> we will accept ed war. and 200 points there. this is an instant bonus question. vote for the crook. it's important was a popular bumper sticker when he defeated whom for louisiana's governship in known 91? >> durk, david duke the former chanceman. 200 more points. 200 point question a profile noted the wife of this west coast d
Nov 17, 2013 5:00am PST
of massachusetts. his opponent had a marquis name, henry kabt lodge. kennedy won an upset again. they replicated this model in 1960 in the wisconsin proom ima in the west virginia primary. joseph kennedy stepped out of the spotlight, leaving the stage so his kids could shine. he stopped by the president elect's home in georgetown, to meet john f. kennedy jr. >> i counted this up. >> how do you feel about jackson? >> after all, it is amazing. >> joe kennedy was insistent that jack bring robert into the cabinet as attorney general. president kennedy could have someone he could absolutely trust in that position. rfk resisted the idea, tried to get washington wise men clark clifford to talk him out of it. we know how that went. >> i am pleased to accept the position of the attorney generalship of the united states. >> in 1961, joseph kennedy suffered a debilitating stroke, lived out the last decade of his life away from public view with the knowledge that his family name had become the gold standard of american political dynasties. for more on the party that joe built, i want to bring in philip john
Nov 30, 2013 5:00am PST
. strawberry rhubarb was not served. 100 point question, this former massachusetts senator dropped the state abraefiation ma from his twitter. >> scott brown. >> dropped massachusetts from his twitter handlet his week. correct. 100 point question this conservative former presidential hopeful announced on wednesday he is ending his nationally syndicated radio show. >> mike huck abbey, that is correct. 100 point question an article in the new issue of forbe's states which former slpt has become a vegan. raul. >> gore. >> al gore is a vegan now. correct. instant bonus you can double your winnings. when al gore was elected in 1992, who was his opponent? >> could you repeat that. >> when al gore was elected in 1992, who was his opponent? >> dan quayle. >> dan quayle is correct. spoken confidently. 100 point question. on the heels of a two-day iowa tour, this southern governor who is not shy about his 2016 presidential ambitions will gain trip this week to the early prime ministerary state of south carolina joy. >> incorrect. time. rick perry. 100 points. democratic control of the legislature in t
Nov 24, 2013 5:00am PST
in massachusetts that has the most famous political dynasty of them all, but also i completely get the backlash that they create, when you have, like, you know, open seats for all of us and hey they have the magic family name, whatever it happens to be in that state, i completely get the backlash too because it is, like what did you ever do besides get born into the right family? >> yeah. and, you know, especially, look, we on the east coast, you know, we had kennedys in new york. mostly they stayed -- mostly they stayed in massachusetts or haven't gone that far, i guess florida too. this is -- she's lived in virginia. she really should be running for senate in virginia. basically if you look at the amount of time she spent, she's talking about her roots. there is that sense she's kind of a carpetbagger, coming back to this place where she thought it was going to be easy to knock off this older gentleman that she thought maybe had served long enough and he didn't agree. and it is up to the voters and it looks like the voters agree with him. >> she can't win the republican primary in wyoming. sh
Nov 10, 2013 5:00am PST
before there was a companion bill in the senate. introduced by paul tsongas, a democrat for massachusetts. what no one saw coming then was the backlash. brand-new, well organized backlash from culturally conservative forces. it was the pace of social and cultural change in the 1970s that gave rise to the religious right. fundamentalists and evangelical conservatives, many of whom never previously involved in politics. found their leader first in anita bryant, a one-time beauty queen who had become the spokeswoman for the florida citrus commission and a dabbler in conservative politics. when dade county and florida passed an anti-discrimination ordinance, bryant launched a fight to repeal it, save our children, that was the name of the group she started. she and her group won at the polls in a landslide. so she went national. other cities enacted gay rights ordinances and with bryant in a growing army of religious conservatives now engaged, those ordinances began falling one by one. >> wichita, kansas, has or had a law upholding the rights of homosexuals and jobs, housing and so on. yester
Nov 9, 2013 5:00am PST
. our first contestant, originally from brookline, massachusettes the birthplace of jfk, mike wallace and michael did yukakis from santa fe new mexico, home of the minor league juggernaut the santa bay fuego, say hello to alex. today's contestant from new orleans, louisiana, home of the new orleans pelicans, it's mellissa harris-perry. here's the host of up against the clock, steve kornacki. >> oh, thank you, studio audience, thank you everyone for tuneing in for another thrill packed edition of up against the clock. melissa today's celebrity guest contestant. you foe the rules by now and at hope, wrong answers will cost you. there are a few instant bonuses scattered throughout these questions. as always, studio audience, i implore you, please, no outbursts, our contestants demand absolute concentration with that, i will ask you, contestants, are you ready? . we will start with 100 second on the clock in the 100 point round. we will go, 25 years ago yesterday, george h.b. bush was elected president over what -- >> dukakis. michael dukakis the defeated candidate. the next question, 3 b
Nov 23, 2013 5:00am PST
've heard of cher, from randolph, massachusetts, msnbc's own one day wonder. the cycle's trey. now the host of "up against the clock," steve kornacki. >> thank you studio audience, thank you, bill wolf, thank you contestants and everyone at home, welcome to a special edition this morning, the battle of the new yorker stars now you know the rules. we have three rounds of play. we have wrong answers that will cost you. there are a few instant bonuses scattered in these questions the studio audience as always, i beg you, please, no outburstst. with that, i will ask you, are you ready to play? >> absolutely. >> let's get this battle of the starsened way, let's put 100 seconds on the clock and start with the 100 point round, we go with this. after their intrafamily dispute was publicly aired this week, mary cheney said she is not supporting her sister liz's campaign. >> correct. 100 points for trey. after pleading guilty. >> trey radel. >> someone came to play. 100 point question. among the 16 americans on whom president obama bestowed the presidential med am of freedom on wednesday was this rec
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)